How Do I Draw People Kissing?


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Do the out line just think a person in your head like say a girl and a boy right hm-mm and you just got to think when it in your head you got to look at the shape and get your pencil ready and your paper and think the 2 person kissing in the picture right it in your head and start drawing but be careful don't let it out your head think about the shape and the picture what it look like in your head and start drawing!
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It is easy to show the activity of kissing through drawings if you have a fertile imagination and a sound knowledge about the basic drawing principles. First get together and decide the kissing pose you would like them to be. You can do this with assistance from your friends, and anatomical dolls. Draw imaginary lines through the middle of each person which would divide the left and the right sides.

Then take in account the rib cage and the skull of each person and draw these things on the paper. Look at the negative spaces between them and adjust it accordingly. Then draw a rough image of the position of the arms and curves thus indicating the fullness of their form. To draw kissing can be tricky as it is somewhat obscured so start by describing it in rough and then detailing the features after you are satisfied with the basic drawing.

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