How To Draw Plains?


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You draw one
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Plains are large pieces of flat land. They are broad; level stretches of land which has no great changes in elevation. There are several types of plains. They are known as the surface of the earth. Drawing plains are a part of landscape drawing. Therefore the best way to draw plains is by applying the same rules applied for drawing landscapes.

Thus for drawing a plane you would require a horizontal canvas. Then as in every landscape drawing, start with the broader details and slowly move on to the smaller details. First thus give a rough outline and then add the other features to the drawing. But before all this you will have to choose which plain you are drawing and have a very clear idea of what all things you want to incorporate in the drawing of a plain. For instance, if you are drawing a plain in the mountainous regions then it might have snow. If it is at a lower level then it might have more greenery, coastal plains would have water in its background etc.

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