How To Draw Wheat?


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Searching for images of wheat online will give both photographic and illustrated images that can be used as a starting point for drawing the crop. Drawing wheat is a process that varies in difficulty depending on the circumstances that it is being drawn for.

A simple image of a wheat field to illustrate a point in a school project is not going to take as much time and effort as a complex and intricate painting. It is possible to describe the basic steps of drawing wheat. By following the procedure below, preferably with the aid of an image found online, it is possible to try drawing wheat at home.

  • Begin by drawing the stem of your wheat
This will start as a simple vertical line towards the bottom of the page in the middle. Using a pencil, draw this vertical line lightly and if you want to give the appearance of it moving in the wind, let it curve slightly to the right or left.

  • Now you need to add the base for the stalks
At the moment this can be done with a long oval. Treat this stage as if you are drawing a stick man - the details can be added later. Once you have got the proportions of the stem and the stalk right, you can then begin to draw on the kernels.

  • The easiest way to draw on the kernels for the wheat is to fill the stalk oval with several small ovals that have pointed tips
These pointy ovals should be symmetrical in pairs of two all the way down the stalk. Then add a thin line coming out of each point and outside of the stalk. Don't make the lines perfectly straight, keeping them a bit crooked to make it look more realistic.

  • Finally, the details can be traced over in pen and the stickman-like base can be erased
The end result will be a simple drawing of wheat.

Following these instructions will help you draw a simple image of some wheat. More complex images can be made by adding color, more detail and a background.

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