How Can I Draw An Animated Self Portrait Of Myself, Like The Ones People Do In Theme Parks Of You Doing Your Favorite Hobby?


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If you take a pic of your self look at the pic and try to draw
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What online tool for storyboards would you recommend? We are a company that creates 2D animations. It is very important for us to show storyboards for clients, can you advise a convenient online tool?

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You can try to show your storyboards in regular Figma. But it's inconvenient to leave comments there, and the client can get confused with the frames because you can only visually distribute the images in order. A better alternative is the online storyboard creator You can load all the shots in a couple of clicks, give them numbers, and the client will see them in the order you need. And he can also leave comments.
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There is computer software available to help you to do animation. If you don't have access to it, there are other ways to create animation. After all, animation existed before computers!

A simple way to create a moving cartoon is by making a flip book. Get a small sketchpad that is full of white paper. Be sure to choose one that you can easily hold in your hand so that you can 'activate' the animation. To create the flip book, draw pictures of yourself, frame by frame, as you are doing the activity.

As an example, consider if you were drawing yourself in a drag racing car. Your first sketch on the first page of the sketchbook might picture you standing next to the car. On the second page, draw a sketch of you getting into the car. The third sketch, on the third page, could show you sitting in the car. The fourth sketch could show you driving away. Flip the pages quickly with your thumb to animate your cartoon. This method takes lots of practice but is great fun.
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By creation of new people

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