How Do I Draw A Person Diving And Swimming?


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How you draw someone swimming and diving depends on what you are going to use the drawing for. If it is for an art display, then you want to use your creativity to make the picture as interesting and engaging as possible. Since art is such a personal and indefinable thing, how your picture will come out depends on your interpretation and your skills at drawing. If you are just looking for a basic representational image of the swimming and diving then you could just use a stick person and use triangles for flippers if you mean scuba diving or you can add a diving board if you are talking about high diving.

Remember when you are drawing someone swimming you should have them horizontal and it helps to show the top of the water with maybe fish, dolphins or jelly fish floating past to give context.
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Art and drawing is a work of an individual's own imagination. You can draw the pictures of a person diving and swimming according to your own imagination. However, the images on the links below will give you an inspiration on how to accomplish this task:
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Take pictures of someone doing what you want to depict, or go online and download some, and use the pictures to copy off of. Pictures sit still and that makes it easier to get the figures right.
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Jump from the pool then swim
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I want to now how to draw a person diving and swimming
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Start by drawing the body parts that are not in the water then define the limits by thick black lines then draw the rest of the body with thin and pale lines and they can't be straight because water is always moving you can also add water drops on the body by drawing half a circle and adding black at the bottom of those . Good luck !
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Look at a person swimming that you know then you could take a picture of them and copy it out(as it would be some thing still that you can copy)

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