What Is The Best Way To Draw Naked People?


2 Answers

Allie Scott Profile
Allie Scott answered
The best way to draw a person naked is to have a naked person sitting in front of you. You sould then deal with your subject in exactly the same way you would if he or she was clothed. Draw what you see.
Aun Jafery Profile
Aun Jafery answered
It can be challenging to draw nudes. A basic knowledge of the anatomy of the human body is a must. As limb sizes, proportionate size for the head, hair etc can all prove challenging. You will need some sort of basic skills as an artist to continue. Most artist use charcoal to sketch a brief outline of the shape they are going to draw as a basic outline of the form. Most art schools have classes where twenty to thirty pupils work jointly. Here a nude model, male or female poses and stands for hours at a time in the name of art. It becomes far easier if a person is used as a model, much like still life. Natural lighting is also considered better to provide the best shades and shadow effects.

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