What is a good way to draw people, but still with a big cartoon feel? I need to draw something for my friend.


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Have you ever considered looking at anime or manga? Most of their artwork are great and some are even beautiful, but they all clearly have a cartoon-ish essence to it. The two main kinds of art styles (as well as story content but in this case I guess it doesn't matter) within the anime or manga genre are shoujo and shounen. Shoujo characters tend to have realistic looking clothing, hair, (somewhat unrealistic) slender bodies, and really big eyes. Shounen people tend to be more realistic in terms of body proportions but there are usually less details in their work, especially in clothing. 

Of course there are exceptions but those are just the general appeal of each style. So yeah, after looking into each style, just choose which one you think would suit you and/or the things you want to draw the most. After that, you can start learning how to draw them either through books, videos, or just on your own by copying existing artwork before creating your own work (which is how I learned).

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