What Are Some Of The Poses That Models Take In Life Drawing Classes?


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Rachel Sharp answered
Models take a great variety of poses in life drawing classes. It gives students a chance to try to capture the human body in many different positions.

Some poses may be very short, lasting only twenty seconds or so. For these poses, students draw very quick sketches. Other poses may last a few hours (with breaks for the model from time to time). The long poses allow students to develop a more elaborate drawing. Yet other poses may be continuously moving and not really poses at all. Then students try to capture how the body moves through space.

Often models incorporate 'contraposto'. It is an Italian word that translates to 'counter-posture.' It means that the weight of the body is shifted in a dynamic way, creating a tension that energizes the pose. Shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the shoulders and legs. Famously, Michelangelo's sculpture of "David" uses contrappasto.

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