How Do I Cut A Card Mount For A Drawing?


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It may be easier to purchase a mount board to fit your drawing. Many online art and craft retailers sell pre-cut mounts, which saves you the trouble. Also, pre-cut mounts can be purchased at framing shops. If the framer does not have one already cut that will fit, you can ask him to create one, which usually doesn't cost very much. The real expense when you have a picture framed is due to the frame itself.

Be sure to buy a mount with an aperture that will fit your drawing. Often neutral colours like cream or grey are a good match for artwork, but of course it depends on the frame you plan to use and the look you are going for.

To cut a card mount yourself, you will need a matt cutter. They can be purchased from art and craft stores. An easy to use matt cutter which will give you good quality mounts will cost in the region of £25. It is worth investing in if you have many pieces of artwork that you would like to cut mounts for. Matt cutters usually come with replaceable blades but be sure to check that they are included. When you run out of blades, you can buy replacements at an art and craft store. Follow the instructions and use very carefully. The blades in a matt cutter are extremely sharp and hazardous if not used properly. Often matt cutter kits include a few pieces of board to get you started. Otherwise, you can find mountboard at your art and craft or framers shop.

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