How Do You Draw James And The Giant Peach Characters Step By Step?


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Drawing is art and a lot in it depends on the artist's imagination and his ability to visualize the things and objects in detail. James and the giant peach is a story by Roald Dahl. In order to illustrate the pictures of this story I would suggest that you first read the story and try to imagine the character as they evolve in your mind and then try to put it in the paper.

It would also help if you check out the various illustrations of James and the Giant peach made by various artists. You can easily do this by logging on to the internet and searching for it in the images section of different search engines. This would give you an idea of how these characters have been depicted by artists before you. As this is a story for kids generally the visualizations are also very lively and colourful with vivid imagery.
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First you  get a pic of james on google or something like that. Then you get tracing paper or wax paper. Then tada! Your done! :}

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