What Are The Names Of The Other Giants In 'The BFG'?


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There are nine other giants in total:

The Butcher Boy
The Bloodbottler
The MaidMasher
The Gizzardgulper
The Meatdripper
The Childchewer
The Manhugger
The Bonecruncher
The Fleshlumpeater

The Fleshlumpeater is the worst giant of them all, and also the tallest at fifty-four feet high. The BFG manages to trick one of the other giants, the Bloodbottler, into taking a bite out of a snozzcumber, which is a disgusting vegetable. Unfortunately, the BFG's friend Sophie is hiding inside it, and ends up being trapped inside the Bloodbottler's mouth. Luckily, the Bloodbottler spits Sophie out along with pieces of the snozzcumber due to the taste of it being so bad. Sophie is sent flying across the room, but luckily lands in the BFG's soft coat rather than hitting the wall.

The BFG also plays another joke on the giants when he gives one of them a bad dream (a 'trogglehumper' about a giant killer named Jack (most likely the character from 'Jack and the Beanstalk). The giant thrashes about in his sleep, resulting in him hitting one of the other giants who is sleeping nearby. This leads to a massive fight between all nine giants.
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Butcher- boy
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I hate the nine giants

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