What Does 'BFG' Stand For In Roald Dahl's 'The BFG'?


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Big friendly giant
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BFG stands for big friendly giant.. The BFG makes friends with a little girl called sophie after kidnapping her because she saw the BFG blow a dream through a window
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'BFG' stands for 'Big Friendly Giant'. The BFG becomes friends with a young girl called Sophie, after kidnapping her because she spotted him blowing dreams into bedroom windows.

The BFG informs Sophie that they only have one thing to eat, which is a disgusting vegetable called a snozzcumber. However, he introduces her to frobscottle, which is a delicious fizzy drink.

The BFG is the only friendly giant in Giant Country. The other giants are nasty, and gobble up 'chiddlers' and 'human beans' every night (giants are not very good at speaking correct English, particularly the BFG).

In the end, Sophie and the BFG decide to get something done about the nasty giants, so the BFG blows a dream into the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace, to make her realise the dangers of keeping these giants around.

The story ends happily with the giants being captured by the Army and given snozzcumbers to eat forever. The BFG and Sophie end up living near each other, the BFG in a nice new home, and Sophie in a cottage just next door.

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