What Is Roald Dahl's 'The Twits' About?


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'The Twits' tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Twit. Their surname obviously resembles their personalities, as Mr. And Mrs. Twit are always playing jokes on each other. For example, Mrs. Twit puts her glass eye in Mr. Twit's cup and to get revenge , Mr. Twit places a frog on Mrs. Twit's pillow.

The Twits have a group of monkeys in their backyard, which they are always ordering to stand upside down all day. The monkeys are visited by the Roly-poly bird. The monkeys, along with the roly-poly bird, play a trick on Mr. And Mrs. Twit by using the glue that Mr Twit puts on the trees to trap birds for his bird pie, to stick all of Mr. And Mrs. Twit's furniture upside down to the ceiling. When the Twits arrive home, they stand on their heads so that everything is the right way up. This causes them to stick to the floor because the monkeys have placed glue on the floor. The monkeys obviously use the upside down trick as an act of payback due to the Twits making them stand upside down.
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Hello! I'm am responding to the question, "What is Roald Dahl's The Twits About?" Let me explain. This book is about two disgusting people who are gluttons, and are both very mean. Mrs. Twit spends her days with a very old cane. She says that she has warts all down her left leg, and that is why she needs the cane. But really, she uses it to hit poor little animals and children on the head! Mr. Twit has extra sticky glue that he spreads on trees. Then, he waits for little birds to land on a branch with glue, and then the birds get stuck! After this, he takes the birds stuck to the branches, and puts them in a big pie! Then, him and Mrs. Twit eat the whole thing!!!At the end, animals from everywhere glue all the furniture to the ceiling. Then, they paint the floor the color the ceiling was. They also put glue on the ceiling. When the Twits get home, they think the world is upside down. So they stand on their heads! When they do this, though, they get stuck to the ceiling, and have to stay there for the rest of their lives!!!! But, do read the book. It is a lot better than me telling you! Have fun reading The Twits, By Roald Dahl!
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The twits is about two ugly people playing tricks on each other for example mrs twit puts her glass eye ball in mr twit beer then mr twit gets revenge by putting a frog in mrs twit's pillow. Then the monkeys which they have standing upside in their garden have payback to both of them by putting their furniture glued to the ceiling and when mr and mrs twit arrive they see that and don't notice they got glue and they died. THE END
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1. Mr. And Mrs. Twit are two ugly, smelly, nasty, stupid people who spend their lives playing nasty tricks on each other.

2. They also enjoy being cruel to animals which they do by luring birds to glue-smothered trees so they can be baked into bird pie, and tormenting their pet monkeys, by getting them to stand upside down, one on top of the other.

3. They hate children, and Mrs. Twit often carries a walking stick in her right hand that she uses to hit children and animals.
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I haven't really read the story , but it's about two gruesome brats , Mr. And Mrs. Twit , and they enjoy playing troublesome tricks on each other. What babies!

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