What Color On Cars Is Just Wrong?


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Black, white and silver. All are very boring and used too much in modern cars.
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I'll have to disagree with you on that one - I think black and silver can both look really classy!
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Same here. The brighter the colour, the less classy it looks, in my opinion - though red cars are said to be involved in fewer accidents, as they are the easiest for other drivers to see in all light conditions...
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Black...considering traffic, it is not visible.
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I think it really depends on the type of car, to be honest!

Cars That Suit Bright Or Gaudy Colors

  • VW Beetles. When I was younger - before I decided that driving would be a really bad idea for someone as clumsy as me - I really wanted a lime-green soft-top Beetle. Nowadays, I think I'd like a cream Beetle, if I had to choose. I think you can get away with bright colors on quirky cars.
  • Mini Coopers. I think you can get away with just about any color on a Mini, but red, white and blue are the most obvious choices for anyone who's ever seen The Italian Job!
Colors That Look Professional And Classy
I think blacks and silvers - dark blues at a push - look good if you've got a BMW or something. My uncle had a red Ferrari, and I just thought it looked obnoxious!
Practical Colors
I'm not sure if this is true, but I heard that dark green is one of the most dangerous colors for a car, as they're less visible in certain areas. Don't quote me on this, though!
Red paint fades the fastest, so if you want your car to look good for a long time, you'll want to avoid this color.
Personally, I'd go for a black or silver car. I just think they look pretty slick and make a statement whilst being modest, and without being outrageous or over-the-top!

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I don't like green. But was surprised when I saw the neon green Charger. Dodge made bad colors look great on cars. Neon green Charger and yellow and black Ram. Red is a bad color for me, unless its mixed with some black.
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G'day Nomad,

Thank you for your question.

I don't think any colours are wrong. Some are more popular than others but none are wrong per se.

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Even pepto pink. : ).blauaaaaagh! Just threw up a little thinking about it.
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Best used with caution Nomad.
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There is a car repair company around here that painted their vehicles pepto bismol pink so no one would think of stealing them.it seems to work.: )

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