How Old Was Christopher Paolini When He Wrote 'Eragon'?


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Christopher Paolini was 15 years old when he began work on the first book in the 'Inheritance' trilogy, 'Eragon', in 1998.

Christopher was home schooled, and began work on the novel as soon as he had graduated. His parents owned a publishing company, Paolini International, LLC, and it was through this that 'Eragon' was originally published in 2002. Christopher began promoting his book, travelling to over 130 schools and libraries to give his views on reading and writing. To make an impact on his audience, Christopher delivered the speeches in medieval costume.

Eventually, the publisher Knopf made an offer to publish Eragon, along with the rest of the trilogy. Eragon was re-edited and re-released by Knopf in 2003, and made Christopher a bestselling author at the age of nineteen. His second novel in the trilogy, Eldest, was published in hardcover on August 23, 2005. Like Eragon, it was a bestseller.The third novel in the trilogy has yet to be released.

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