Print step by step how to draw moshlings?


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This is a useful website for drawing
Moshlings are pets for your monsters that can be found around Monstro City in wild places.  Moshlings absolutely love flowers so if you grow the ones they like they will become your life-long friends.  If you visit your garden via the map and grow three flowers you'll find out (when they've grown) if you've attracted a Moshling.  If you haven't Cluekoo will help you.  Some Moshlings are easier to catch than others and are attracted by any colour of flower.  More rare Moshlings are picky and will only be attracted to the exact flower and colour they like.
You can find more information here:
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You can find the video of how to draw moshlings in this site. You may need to install a drawing software in your computer or laptop.

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