What Is The Difference Between A Plot And The Story Of A Play?


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There cannot be drawn a clear line of demarcation between plot and story of a play. However, there are certain differences which separate plot from story. To understand this difference we can take example of a ship voyaging through an ocean. Plot is the ship on which a play voyages through the ocean of a story. Story of a play can be described as an outline sketch of the play in which there are certain incidents which contribute towards the development of plot. For example, we can narrate to someone the story of any Shakespearean tragedy in a few lines, regardless of the length of the play. We can tell the story by skipping many of the incidents and even characters.  On the other hand plot is the sequence in which these incidents are placed. There are primarily two types of plot: Organic and Inorganic. An organic plot is one in which every incidents contributes to the central movement of the play and skipping any incident from it can disturb the whole story of the play. Whereas, an inorganic plot is a lose plot. The incidents in this kind of a plot do not, necessarily, contribute to the central movement of the play. There is a common thing between both of the above mentioned types i.e. Both sequence the incidents of a play. So, we can say that plot is the sequencing the incidents of the story of a play.

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