What Is The Basic Plot Of The Play Blood Brothers?


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Blood Brothers is a play by Willie Russell that became a very famous stage musical.

Mrs Johnstone has a big family and lives in Liverpool, her husband walked out on her (for a girl they say looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe). When she finds herself pregnant again with twins, she agrees to give her employer Mrs Lyons one of her children.

However, as the twins grow up, they become best friends, (they even cut their thumbs and become blood brothers). When the Johnstones move away, they are separated but in the end, they become friends again.

As one twin goes off to University and other grows up getting used to unemployment, they grow apart, but they are blood brothers with blood shared.

I won't spoil the plot, but it doesn't end happily.

This is the first musical I ever went to see and it remains my favourite, Russell makes a huge trick of script writing by not bringing the boys on until at least 30 minutes into the musical.
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The basic plot of blood brothers is two twins that are sepertaed at birth and they are brought together gradually as friends not knowing they are brothers. They fall in love with the same woman and so on so on... They are both brought up in very different background and cultures. When they find out they are brothers at the end of the play that is when you see tradgey in it. The rest of the play is mainly comedy. X =] its great I recomend it at 10/10 go see it now!!!!!!
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Thanks for this !!! Great stuff . Must get your number have a chat meet up for a coffee talkk about the amazing Blood Brothers. Thanks again. Fan Bluddiii Tastic!
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Basic plot

two brother separated at birth
throughout the play bump into each other
don't know that they are both brothers
untill they both eventually die

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