What Is Ehe Plot Of The Happy Prince?


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There is a statue of a gold prince in the middle of a really unhappy town. Then a swallow comes to sit on the statues plinth. Then the swallow sees the happy prince crying and asks him why. The prince says there is too much sadness in the town and that the swallow should take all the jewels off the statue and give them to those who need them. But then the swallow never flew away for the winter and dies. Also the greedy mayor of the town doesn't think the statue is beautiful anymore without the jewels and orders for the prince to be melted down. But they find that the prince's lead heart won't melt so they throw it out.
Through out the story, an angel who has been orderd by god to find the two most precious things he can find on earth and bring them back to him. The angel brings back the dead swallow and the lead heart and God is happy and says that the swallow will now sing forevermore and the happy prince will always be happy.

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