How Did The Swallow And The Happy Prince Destroy Themselves In The Service Of Others? (The Happy Prince)


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In the story of "The Happy Prince" by the great English writer Oscar Wilde the happy prince and the swallow both destroyed themselves in the services of people in different ways.
The little bird Swallow toiled for the happy prince again and again the bird faced the cold nights. And Swallow worked for the prince day and night for the divine happiness of the prince. And at the end of the story the little Swallow died due to this toilsome hard work. So the little Swallow completely destroyed its life.

On the other hand the happy prince destroyed himself by giving the different and costly things to the poor people of his city. He gave his rubies which he had on his statue. He also gave sapphire which he has got on the body of his statue. And at the end he gave all the fine gold to the different poor people in the city.

So at last the statue of the happy prince was empty of any costly thing. So the statue of the happy prince at last pulled down because it was no more beautiful. And it was melted in a furnace. In this way happy prince destroyed himself. And ultimately he won the divine love.

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