What Is The Theme Of The Happy Prince?


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There are many different themes to The Happy Prince, the main ones are 'Rich and Poor' and 'Love and Sacrifice'. It all depends on how much detail you want to go into. When you are writing about a story there are two directions that you can go with the theme. You can either choose many different themes and simply talk about them briefly, or you can focus on the main themes and go into more depth and explanations. It all depends on what writing style you have and what you want to achieve. If you have read the story but do not understand the theme of The Happy Prince you are not going to have to sit hour up hour trying to figure it out. There is now the joy of the internet which can provide you with everything that you are looking for and you can be sure that you are not going to be disappointed with the help that you will find.

There are many different articles online and essays that are already written to give you an idea of the ways in which you can write your piece on the theme of The Happy Prince. Focusing on the main themes is going to be wait gives you the best marks, you can also mention the smaller themes if you think that they are important and are going to make a difference to your writing, however it is completely your decision. All you need to know is that you are not going to have the suffer with not knowing what to write as there are many different examples of help out there online for you to take advantage of and use as much as you think you are going to need to.
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The main theme is definitely 'Rich and Poor' and 'Love and Sacrifice.' Themes like 'Arrogance', 'Kindness begets kindness' and 'redemption' are the minor themes. 'Compassion' is another strong theme in this short story.
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The theme of the happy prince: The prince is not happy as he seemed.
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The theme of Happy Prince can have several such as "Love and Sacrify", "Rich and Poor", " Individualist and wholeness",etc.
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The theme could be on"arrogance","kindness begets kindness","compassion" and "redemption"
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There are three themes in this prose. The themes of the prose "The Happy Prince" are love and sacrifice, that outward beauty brings nothing and the gap between rich and poor

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