What Is The Moral Of The "the Happy Prince By Oscar Wilde?


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" "The Happy Prince" is not only
virtually word for word with Wilde's magnificent narrative, but also one of the
single most beautiful, most transcendent, most profoundly affecting and
poignant filmic experiences I have ever known. Ron Goodwin's beautiful score is
the ultimate enrichment, especially the song which I would guess to be called
"There Is No Justice In Poverty". The vocal performances of
Christopher Plummer and Glynis Johns are in my opinion the most profoundly
lovely and beautifully nuanced of any in the history of animation. A story of
deep compassion and shattering self-sacrifice in a presentation that will never
be equaled. The full retention of Wilde's deeply religious ending is satisfying
and beautiful beyond my ability to express. I am not ashamed to say that I sob
like a child at the film's end, and I can only hope that everyone who sees it
would have the privilege of feeling this same depth of emotion."It is not
to Egypt
I go..

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