What Kind Of Misery And Ugliness Had Made The Prince Weep Despite Having Heart Made Of Lead? (The Happy Prince)


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In the short story "The Happy Prince" which has been written by the famous British writer Oscar Wilde. The happy prince didn't know what tears were when he was alive and he didn't know at that time what is the meaning of misery. At that time he had the human heart.

Later on when he died, his statue was erected on a very high place in the city from where the happy prince can see the miseries of poor people and he can watch the curses of poverty. At that time he had the heart made by lead yet he suffered a lot and he eventually started to weep and his tears started to roll down on the ground in that story. And that all happened when the happy prince had the heart which was made by lead. He felt the misery of poor people of his city. He saw the deprivation of food and money in the houses of poor people and that's why he started to feel sympathy while he had the heart made by lead. This kind of misery and ugliness made the happy prince weep despite having the heart made of lead.

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