What Happens In The Final Book In The "Twilight" Series?


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"Breaking Dawn" is the final instalment of the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer. The novel, which wa spublished in August 2008, is the final novel to be told from the point of view of protagonist, Bella Swan.

"Breaking Dawn" is structured differently to the other novels. It is broken into three parts. The first part begins with Edward and Bella’s honeymoon. Edward, who is a vampire, previously made a promise to Bella that they would consummate their marriage before Bella becomes a vampire. They do so, and not long after, Bella becomes ill. She discovers that she is pregnant and after the pregnancy is confirmed, she and Edward return home.

Edward worries as the foetus begins to grow unnaturally fast and tries to talk Bella into having the baby aborted. Bella, who wishes to keep the baby, refuses and instead contacts Edward’s sister, Rosalie, for advice.

The story then moves onto the second part, which is written from the point of view of Jacob, Bella’s friend who is in love with her. Bella has feelings for Jacob, but chose Edward as her love for him was stronger. Jacob’s pack of werewolves make plans to kill Bella’s child as they do not know what danger it will bring. Jacob does not agree with this and so starts up his own pack.

Bella gives birth to her child, but nearly loses her life in the process. Edward saves her by turning her into a vampire.

The last section of the novel moves back to Bella’s perspective. She adjusts to her new life as a vampire. Meanwhile, a vampire named Irina mistakenly thinks that Bella and Edward’s child, Renesmee, is an immortal child, meaning that she is a child that has been turned into a vampire. The Volturi, who are a group of vampires, outlawed the creation of immortal children, and when Irini informs them of the birth of Renesmee, they make plans to destroy the child and Edward’s family.

In order to save Renesmee, Edward’s family, with the help of other vampires as witnesses, manage to prove that Renesmee is not an immortal child. The Volturi execute Irina for making her mistake. Despite this, they still remain unsure as to whether Renesmee will pose as a threat to the secrecy of vampires. Edward’s sister, Alice, brings along Nahuel, who, like Renesmee, is a vampire-human crossbreed. Nahuel proves that vampire-human crossbreeds are not a threat to the secrecy of vampires and the Volturi finally leave.

The novel ends with Bella, Edward and Renesmee returning to their home together.
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Bella and Edward get married, then on their honeymoon they find out Bella is pregnant. The baby is half vampire and human. While Bella is pregnant the baby sucks almost all the life out of her. Bella then has the baby. Then she almost dies, and to save her Edward had to change her. So she becomes a vamp. Jacob imprints on the baby. The Volturi come to kill the Cullen family and the baby, the the family contacts all there friends to help convince the Volturi that the baby is harmless, everyone lived happily ever after. :)
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Edward and bella get married and have a daughter but she grows extrememy fast in 4 weeks she's ready to be born edward has to change her in order for her to survive. Edward wanted to kill the baby but once he hears her thoughts he's completely devoted to her. To bad jacob isn't.
Jacob wants to kill renemess but once he sees her after her violent bith he imprints on her. Which means that she is is love he'd always be there for her at first as a brother then bestfreiend later lover if she wants that. Anyway she grows rapidly and irna sees her and tells the viotra and all hell breaks loose they have to find a bunch of witnesses to show they saw renemess grow and isn't a immortal child. Bella has unnatual self control and can be near her daughter as a vampire but later figuares out she has the gift to sheld
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Well in the final book its pretty much where Bella ends up pregnant with a half vampire half human child and jacob's werewolf friends think its going to be trouble and wants to kill her, and Bella almost dies from giving birth,and they name her Renesme and she grows up quick to be come 20 and Jacob falls in love with and becomes very protective of her.
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Everyone dies. Jacob eats Bella. Their baby works at McDonald's. Edward is hit by that dude with the truck from the first book, and surprisingly, yes, vampires can die. (Why it took them so long to figure this out I'm not sure.) He sparkle-bleeds everywhere.

It's really dramatic, all of it. Quite a tear jerker. I never knew Twilight was going to be a tragedy.

I went through four boxes of tissues.

Oh and spoiler, the only one who lives is the werewolf guy, Jacob, because he's ridiculously ripped and you know that gets you everything in life.
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I LOVE the response above mine!  
"Bella bites Edward, & "My Little Pony" on acid..." and so on.
Absolutely brilliant!!!!  LOL!!!
(I almost peed myself..... Just a little though)

That aside, I WILL say I never have read the books, but saw the first movie... Which surprisingly, I really did like.  Now I have to see the rest of them.

I'm pretty sure I've heard how the saga "ends" (through chatter amongst rabid fans) but, without any external influence (peer pressure) my answer to "The Question" is:
Team Edward
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Bella bites Edward and turns into a sparkly unicorn, only without the horn, which makes her kind of like a My Little Pony on acid. Then she bites Jacob too, and he turns from a werewolf into a really blinged-out toy poodle with super-twinkly toenails, and they skip laughing over the rainbow-painted horizon together, leaving Edward to sulk in a picturesque but really, really deep way.

Then the Cullen family reveal that they never actually were vampires; Carlyle is actually a bisexual hardcore Mormon polygamist who created the wimpire myth to cover his own nefarious activities. Eventually the FBI catch up with him and they all drink Kool-Aid.

Don't you just love a good horror story?
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Bella becomes a vampire, oh yeah and she marries Edward. Bella gives birth to a girl(that has super powers) well yeah and a bunch of other stuff, but this is the main
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The baby does not have super powers lol you thought you got away with it and tricked people but not me lol
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Well it hasn't really ended yet because theres a rumour that she will make more of the books but in Breaking Dawn they find out that... Well I'm not a spoiler of good books so read the Twilight Saga and you will find out.
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Do not listen to Deehunn  he's lying. The very last part Edward asks Bella's marriage in 3 years after they escaped from the vol-somethings. Sorry I donno the vol-somethings real name.
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I not really sure but in the movie bella and edward get married bella gets pregnat and she nearly dies then she has a baby girl renesmee some more stff bt that the main really.
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Bella was beinq tracked down by James and he broke her leq and bit her but edward manaqed to suck the venom out before she chanqed and alice,emmett,and jasper killed james then at the very end bella and edward went to prom toqether.
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I love edward who else does and by the way I hate jacob and so does bella and in the book eclipse she breaks his heart and hand lol and I am not jk ing that what happens well in one part lol the other part is bella has a vampire sleepover with Rosal and emmet and ever other cullen family member but not edward (hot by the way) he stoped hunting for bella and had to go back after the day was over and so when they sleep over she wanted to go and met jacob black (ugly by the way) but alice said no so she went to go and call him and tell him that she was not going to make it but she said we can do it another night ok so she wanted to know where she was going to sleep and the were joking around with her and they said your going to go and sleep in edwards room ok and so she went upstairs in his room and then they see that all of his stuff is pursed against the wall so they could fit a bed in there and she closed the door and got the covers and pillow and sleep on the couch of his and then right when she was about to go to sleep Rosalie came in to go and tell her something and if you want to hear the story the you must read the book and find the part I left off on and read the story and just to tell you it a good story to read ok bye hope you like what I told you bye see you.
  Love, an edward fan
P.S I love edward and Stefan and Stefan is in the show the vampire diary you should watch it hes the hot one if you don't know ok bye now.
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At the end of twilight bella swan is seperated for edward cullen after meeting james the tracker at the culllens base ball game , alice and jasper drive bella to phnoix , they stay at a hotel near the air port and at forks edward and his famile are tracking james ad protecting bellas farther charlie swan . At the hotel alice keeps gettin visons of a room filled with mirrors she draws the picture she see and later bella realises its the old ballet studio she used to dance at when she was a kid, the ballet studiio was in phinox . Edward rings alice at the hotel to say that him , emmmet and carslie are comin to hide her for awhile , but an unknow caller calls bellas mobile she answers and it turns out to be james , james aks bella to folllow his instructionsbecause he has bellas mother renee and asks her to get to her house . So bella makes her plans to escape with out alice noticin wt she is doing she dicides tht the airpot will be the best place , once thr she aks if jasper would go get some breakfast with her , she askes to go to the ladies room as she nows the air port well she pick the ladies room with tow doors she thn runs all the way out side catches a bus thn a cab to her home she calles james thn he asks her to meet hm at the ballet studio . Once thr bella realises that she has bin tricked as james dosnt hav her mother hostage at all she thn tries to run but james breaks her leg , and bites her , suddenly edward comes and realises th bella has bin biten and sucks the venom out of her hand .
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And after all they posted in ended just like any other story.

"They lived happily ever after..." Just the thought not the exact word though.
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It turns out the reason theyre all so pail and lifeless is because they sit in the house all day and smoke pot and jacobs not really buff he just does spray on abs and bella was going to have a baby but when jacob felt her stomach and the baby kicked and he got pissed of and bit her stomach and the baby dies and then a huge nuke is accidently let off and hit all of washington so then everyone died and the only person left is dick cheney

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