What Happens In The Second Twilight?


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Bella gets a paper cut on her birthday party and all the culens are there. Jasper goes mad and tries to kill her but emmet and carsile restrain him then edward goes out to talk to jasper, carslie fixes bella up and tells her about edward and why he dosnt want to change her. This opens up a window for edward and he realises that if he dosnt do something bella will end up being killed so he leavs her but tells her he dosnt love her and she has a whole in her chest and she makes better friends with jake who helps the pain, he falls in love hen she goes cliff diving, edward  thinks shes dead so goes to italie to die, alice rushes back, bella no dead, they go to italie leaving jake furious then save edward and get back together, she asks the family to do a vote about her cha ging, all but rosalie and edward say yes. Carlsile tells bella he will do it after graduation then bella and edward meets jake and jake told charlie about him and bella biking while edward was gone. Bella tells him its always been edward shes loved then edward punches jake, he turns into a wolf but bella stands in the middle so they can't fight, jake runs away then edward says marry me and she say NO!
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Edward leaves bella for her safety,, and then its mostly about her and jacob getting closer, then bella jumps off a cliff and edward thinks shes dead so he wants to die so he goes to the italian vampires and wants them to kill him but alice comes back and bella is not dead and they travel to italy and save edward and bella and edward are still together.

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Edward leaves, considering it too risky to be around Bella after she cuts herself opening a birthday present. Jasper had gone to attack her, and Edward didn't want her to get hurt. He thinks if he and his family leave without a trace then Bella can get over him and have a shot at a normal life. He leaves after making her promise not to do anything reckless or stupid.
Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect and Bella goes into depression. After Edward leaving her she sees no reason in keeping the promise she made to him, and is searching for new ways to be reckless and stupid. She comes across two motorbikes, and takes them to be fixed up by Jacob. They make really good friends, and Bella feels that Jacob is like an antidote to her depression. She begins to hang out with him more and more.
When the bikes are fixed up, Jacob teaches Bella to ride. She is shocked when she hears Edward's voice telling her to stop, that she'll get hurt. She realises that the way to create the illusion of Edward in her mind is to be reckless and stupid.
However, Jacob stops returning her calls and meeting up with her for a few weeks. She learns that he is a werewolf, and after they make up they begin to hang out again.
After becoming confident with a motorbike, Edward's voice begins to fade. Bella panicks and tries to find a new sport to hear him again. She comes across cliff diving, and Jacob promises to take her one day.
Bella gets impatient and goes herself. She conjures up a perfect image of Edward in her head, and is happy. She can't escape the strong current though, and starts to suffocate. Jacob saves her though, and she is OK.
Jacob drives Bella home, only to discover a vampire in her house. They realise that it is only Alice. Jacob is a werewolf and the natural enemy of the vampire, so he can't hang around. He and Bella go through another rough patch when she chooses Alice over him. Bella is delighted to see Alice, and makes her promise to stay overnight. Alice tells Bella that she saw her jump off the cliff, and thought of it as a suicide attempt. Alice had told Rosalie, who then told Edward. Edward promised Bella that if she ever died, he would follow her soon. Alice has a vision of Edward going to the Volturi and asking to die.
Bella and Alice hop on a plane to stop Edward. Alice sees the Volturi tell him no, as they don't want to upset Carlisle. Edward then decides to do something bad so the Volturi will have to kill him. He decides to step into the sun at midday, while the humans are celebrating.
Bella does get there in time though and saves Edward. They plan to go home right away, but the Volturi still manage to get them back to the castle, where Edward, Alice and Bella are each offered a place on the Volturi's guard. They each decline the invitation and are allowed to leave... On one condition. They have to turn Bella into a vampire - or they will come after her and kill her.
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@ Bella's birthday party she slits her finger and is almost killed by jasper!
Concerned about Bella's safety Edward decides to leave and give Bella a chance to an ordinary life, unaware that Victoria has came back for revenge! After several "Empty" months Bella decides to spend more time with her best friend Jacob and realises the more she does something dangerous the more she hears Edwards velvety voice inside her head telling her to stop.

After finding out that Jacobs a wolf, and Edward mistaking Bella to be dead he goes to the Volturi in Italy to ask to be killed.,
Alice comes back to Bella and then finds out what Edward wants to do!
So together they race to Italy to stop Edward before its too late.
The Volturi (vampire government) spare Bella only because they believe from one of Alice's visions that she will soon become one of them, reunited , Edward and Bella return to Forks (though Charlie doesn't seem to please with Edward and Bella is grounded plus Jacob gets jealous.)
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In the second book of the twilght series eward leaves bella after a birthday party that went wrong. Bella opened a gift and got a paper cut. Jasper attacked and bella fell on a bunch of glass. She sliced her arm open . After edward leaves bella gets deppressed she doesn't do any thing she becomes a zombie. After her father threatens to send her to therapy she gains a friend...jacob.. She than begins to spend more and more time with him. When she finds two motor cycles on the side of the road she askes jacob to fix them up. When she gives them a test drive she notices a vocie in her head. The voice was edward telling her to not do dangrous things. When searching for the voice she goes to the medow. At the medow laurent finds her. As he wants to eat her wolves come and attact him. Once she figures out the formula to get the vocie the attempts something stupid. She goes cliff diving. But from the top. As the plunges toward the water she notices the strong current. Once hiting the water she loses all direction. Her lungs fill with water as she struggles. The vocie tells her to keep pushing but she refuses. She then sees edward in her mind with vivd detail. When she finially gives up something starts to pull her down.but it is acutally up. It was jacob and she survived. (oh yea she finds out the jacob is a werewovlf) when on home she finds out that victoria is looking for her and was around forks. After a long day bella rides home with jacob before coming up to her house jacob says he smells a vampire but it was only alice. Alice had came to see if bella was alive because she saw her jump the cliff. But when edward see alice's vistion he goes to italy to the voltirea.(misspelled) they were sure to kill him but when they decide not to kill him edward makes a notther plan. He plans on going out into walk into the sun at noon. Bella races to him and pushes him in to the shadow with in seconds. Just at that moment the voltera meet up with them and ask them to come back to there palace. When there they ask if alice or edward and bella would join them but all reclined. When they find out that bella is imune to every ones powers(exept jaspers) jane ,one of them, tryes her power. Unfortually edward blocks bella and falls to the floor in wrathing pain. Before they let them go they made a deal . Before the voltera visted the cullens again bella had to be a vampire if not then they would have to kill her because she new too much. Every one got back to forks and charlie was maddddd. But he got over it.

You would have to read the book inorder to get in great detail this book was the most slow book out of all of them but important to the series so try to read it
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Go Jacob!!!
You deserve Bella.
Fight for her if you <3 her.
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The book New Moon is mainly about Jacob and Bella- Edward has left her and his whole family are gone.  They do reunite in the end.  But I heard the movie will be different.
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Edward leaves Bella, she's depressed, builds a bond with Jacob, does scary stuff to see Edward, stops him from getting himself killed, Edward proposes to her.
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Read  it && find out :] its the best book ive ever read in my life.. I hate reading with a passion but I LOOOOOOOVE twilght && the rest of the books
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In new moon, at Bella's b-day party she gets a paper cut and starts to bleed. Jasper goes crazy and then the party must end. Edward doesnt want bella to be in danger so he and his family leave forks. Bella goes through depression and she feels like theres a hole in her chest. Her friends betray her and her only option is blech..... Jacob black. They become friends and bella feels whole again. Suddenly jacob turns on her but it was because he was becoming a werewolf. Bella jumps off a cliff and alice sees it in her mind and tells rosalie. Rosalie told edward that bella was killing herself so edward went to the vampires in italy called the volturi and they can kill you if you want them to. Alice goes back to forks to warn bella of edwards actions and they fly to italy to tell edward to not kill himself. When the cullen family and bella returns to forks, charlie is mad at bella for leaving and hes mad at edward for leaving bella, hurting her and hes banned from the house. The Cullen's decide if bella should become a vampire. THE END COURAGE

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