What Is The Moral In Twilight?


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There's loads of morals for Twilight :)
-If you love someone you should be willing to risk your life for that person. (Edward saves Bella from James, Laurent and Victoria).
-Love conquers all. (Edward manages to push aside the lust he has for Bella's blood because he loves her so much).
-You don't choose who you fall in love with. They can be anyone, anything and can be the person you least expected to fall in love with. (Edward didn't expect to fall in love with a human, and Bella didn't expect to fall in love with a vamp).
-And that sometimes you have to wait and be patient for good things to happen. (Edward had to wait 100 years to find the one he truly loved).

If you want more just google 'moral of Twilight' --it comes up with loads :D

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