What Is The Plot Of The Book Running On Fumes?


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The book running on fumes is another Hardy Boys book. The author of this book Franklin Dixon has bee writing Hardy Boys books since the year 1927. For all those who are new to this book, hardy Boys come under the Genre of mystery. But one can quite confidently say that Hardy Boys need no introduction.

This book comes under the "the Hardy Boys, the undercover brothers" series. This is the latest series of these Boys and in this book, Frank and Joe Hardy are young and energetic and members of the ATAC which is The American teens against crime organization.
In this book ATAC have decided to send their best team of detectives, which is obviously the Hardy Brothers to investigate the illegal activities within an oil company. That is the basic plot of the book but the adventure and suspense definitely keeps you glued to the book till you reach the last page.

This book is a complete package of young romance, mystery and murder and is easily available in all the stores.

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