What Is The Difference Between A Drama, A Novel, And A Poem?


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There's actually quite a lot of difference between a drama, a novel and a poem!

A drama, or a play, is a text written to be performed on stage. It usually consists of dialogue, stage directions, and the occasional description of the scene.

Dramas are usually divided into "acts" and "scenes" - similar to how novels are divided into chapters - and the most famous dramatist of the English language is probably Shakespeare.

A novel is a story written in prose, and is usually split up into chapters. Just like dramas, novels tend to have plots, characters, and themes. However, where a drama is meant to be performed, a novel is meant to be read.

Poetry doesn't need to have characters or a plot - sometimes, it can just describe a place, or an idea, or a feeling.

One of the most important things about poetry is how it sounds. Consequently, rhyme, rhythm, meter and structure are all very important. Poetry can be bought in books, but many people prefer to listen to it being read aloud.
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Presentation. Poetry is an element of literature that conforms to a specific format. A short story does not have the same constraints, and can be presented without a defined structure.

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