How Do I Draw A Panda Bear?


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How you draw your panda bear will depend on how complicated you want your design to look. For a basic panda drawing, you could follow the following simple steps:

How to draw a panda bear in six simple steps:
  • Draw two inter-linked circles. The larger one on top, with the smaller one underneath.
  • Add ears to the top circle.
  • Add circles for the arms and legs to the bottom half. You should be able to see a panda shape starting to form!
  • Add longer oval shapes for the eyes on the top half of the design. Add a circle for the white belly.
  • Add the details: A small round nose, and cute little pupils inside the eyes.
  • Shade in the appropriate parts in black (or you could get creative and choose another colour like pink!)
  • Voila! That's your panda bear!
Where can I find cute panda bear drawings and tutorials?

For other cute designs, you may want to check out the following sites (remember that nothing is as easy as it looks on-line!): BlueTadpoleStudio DrawingNow
Alternatively, you could check out this really handy video on how to get your panda drawing looking like a real work of art using traditional Chinese brush stroke techniques:
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You can check out the cute panda tutorial on and this site makes it pretty easy to draw too. Just follow the link and type Panda Bear in the search bar.
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You can draw a panda in eight steps from an online animal-drawing tutorial, which will accelerate you on the way to becoming an artist.  The tutorial lesson will teach you the process of sketching an outline and drawing details. See the link below:

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