How Do I Draw A Policeman In Full Uniform?


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Draw a plate of bacon
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Go onto then in the search bar type in police man
What this doesent even belong here 6 ft prick in blue like the other guy said
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To draw a picture of a policeman in uniform, you should do some research to find out the type of uniform worn. Uniforms vary depending on the part of the world and rank. Look on the Internet or in books to see what uniform would be appropriate.

When drawing the human figure, artists use this general rule: draw the structure of the body first. Then add the clothes. Starting by drawing the clothes in a very detailed way will give you a result that will look more like a picture of a uniform than a picture of a policeman.

You can use a very simple stick and sphere sketch to draw the figure. A book on figurative drawing can guide you. It will likely also include information on action poses. In drawing the policeman's uniform, you can use shading to good effect. Dark areas can show the blue of the policeman's uniform. Light areas can illustrate metal buttons, badges, etc.

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