I Want To Get My Artwork Noticed. What's The Best Way Of Doing So?


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Louise Gorman answered
The best way to get your art noticed is to create a website displaying a portfolio of your work. If you don't have time to create the website yourself or you are unsure how to go about it them you could use a website builder like SiteMaker in Moonfruit or you could set yourself a portfolio up on websites such as ArtIndustri or ArtWanted. There are also websites such as Elfwood or DeviantArt which have millions of users and allow you to create prints of your work.

Also, you could get a MySpace profile, post a link to your website and start adding people as your friend or you could have a slideshow on your MySpace profile displaying your work. You could create flyers and have your name put in your local telephone book with a link to your site so that people can contact you if they wish to commission you.

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