How Do I Learn To Draw In Pastels?


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Rachel Sharp answered
Pastels are a very versatile medium. They can be used dry or wet. Misting your pastels with water makes the hues look darker and richer. First off, be sure that you have an adequate work area. Pastels create coloured dust so you don't want to get it on carpet or furniture - unless you plan to turn your white carpet violet! Also, be sure that you have good ventilation and if you are working intensely wear a respiration mask. Follow all the safety precautions on the back of your pastel box.
Use a stiff pastel paper or card on which to draw. There are many formulated just for pastels. Experimentation and practice is the best method. Many people are surprised at the rich and multi-tonal colour that is possible by using pastels. After you have finished your pastel drawing, and at various stages throughout the drawing, you may wish to spray with fixative in order that the pastel does not smear. Again, follow the safety instructions for using fixative.

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