How Do You Use Uniform Fill In CorelDraw?


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Uniform fills are solid colors that are used to fill any objects. The default color palette is visible and the solid colors are selected from this palette. CorelDraw also provides different types of color palettes. To view any other color palette right click on any empty area on the page and from the popup menu bar select View-> Color Palettes. The list of all available color palettes will be shown. We can select any color palettes for use.

We can also use the uniform fill dialogue box. To use this dialogue box click the Fill Tool from main Tool Box and select the first icon from left. This will open the uniform fill dialogue box. In this dialogue box we have three tabs. In the first tab, we can select the color model. The color models are CMYK, RGB, HSB and etc. We can give the value of the colors depending upon the color model selected. Or we can select the color from the Hue.

The second tab consists of color mixing. We can select the color model and hue to mix colors. The all possible colors with these setting will be shown and we can select any required color. The third tab shows all the color palettes. Here we can select any color model and color from the model.

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