Does CorelDraw Support Postscript Fills?


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Postscript textures are created using the postscript language. CorelDraw provides some predefined postscript textures. These textures can be used in any type of object as fill. To use the postscript fill click the Fill Tool from the Tool Box and select the postscript fill dialogue icon. This will open the postscript textures window.

In this window, we can see the list of all postscript textures. To see the preview of any selected texture press the "Preview Fill" checkbox. Some of these textures are very complex and may require more time to show and during the working. Every texture has parameters. By using these parameters, we can set the appearance of the postscript textures. Change the values of the parameters and press Refresh buttons to view its effect on texture.

CorelDraw supports Simple Wireframe, Wireframe, Draft, Normal and Enhanced Views. The postscript textures are shown as fill, only in enhanced view. To work with complex postscript fills we can choose the view other then the enhanced view. This will minimize the time for processing and the objects will the word "PS" instead of the postscript texture. The postscript textures do not resize with the objects. They maintain its original size while the object transforms.

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