Why Do People Not Draw Pictures Of Allha Or Mahamade?


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My dear ALLAH is the creator of this whole world as  most of us know HIM as GOD ..HE created us how can we create a picture of HIM simple example is here 2 xplain you in a class room the teacher is the head and there r some rules which should b follow by the students if your teacher says stand up you have 2  not b/c of fear but also the respect that you have in your heart similarly dear in ISLAM ALLAH  ask Muslims 2 not make the pictures of living things and Muslims obey HIM with respect and the logic behind this restriction is..if we draw any living thing and if it appears awesome then there is a doubt that may we think that the picture which I made is more beautiful than the original living object and in this manner we r comparing our self with our own creator...I hope it will help you 2 undrstand
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If we admit your logic for Allah pictures, what about pictures of Prophet PBUH? Not to mention Muslim clergy about drawing pictures of living things. any other logical approach?
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Dear, There are few pictures or you could say, most resembled features drawn by few people who had chance fortunately to see Prophet Mohammad PBUH in dream or in some spiritual activity. But there are very few of these and real hard to find.
As far as pictures of allah is concerned, allah is not an object or something which could be seen or which could bring into observation. As none had ever chance neither any creature can see or observe allah so its not possible in human history or future.
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For a believer in Islam, it is against the rules, to draw a picture of either one.  Outsiders to the Muslim faith have drawn pictures and the like, against the wishes of the followers of Islam, of course.
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Is it because in Islam there is only one god so if people draw mohammed they don't know what  he looks like so they will be different pictures of what he could look like so there wouldnt be one god

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