How To Write A Nice Letter To Someone?


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The key to writing a nice letter to someone is to be as formal as possible, and this can be done through introducing and concluding your letter properly. Usually, terms of endearment should be used in order to convey pleasantries; opening with ‘Dear...’, for example, can be a lovely way to kick off the letter. Through writing in full sentences, and using warm and emotive language, you can also ensure that you’re being passionate and engaging. A good example of such a sentence could be: ‘I was over the moon to receive your letter, it really has been too long since we spoke last!’

Your objective should be to put a smile on their face. Why not read the letter back and see whether or not you think they would like it? When you’re ready to sign off, also bear in mind that ‘yours sincerely’ should only be used if you haven’t met them in person, or if you don’t know them too much. A better alternative for a friend or family would be ‘warm regards’, or even ‘all my love’ if you are particularly close.

And now onto the art of the postscript, colloquially known as ‘PS’. Adding one of these onto the end of any letter can be one of the best ways to be nice, and the concept of an afterthought really does let the recipient know that you’ve been thinking about them. For example, you might choose to reference a personal joke, or even deliver a compliment. Whenever you use these techniques, make sure that you apply them to the person you’re writing for, as being as personal and individual as you can is the best way to be nice. Get creative!
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It is very simple to write a letter. All you need to do is be a little focused on the topic that you wish to write upon. Sometimes letters can turn out be faulty if not written with a mind on the topic.

If you are writing a thank you letter, first and foremost address the person with the right name and also give the precise reason to the letter at the beginning.

If you are writing a letter of apology see to it that your entire letter shows respect towards the person and you are really sorry for the mistake you have committed.

If you writing a letter to your loved one, please do mention a lot of mushy wordings and also most important give a feel to the letter, so your loved feels a little closer to you.

In case of a formal letter, watch your words!! Address the person with respect and also keep your letter short, concise and to the point, whether it's a demand, an apology or a request.
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To write a letter to mother
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I want to write a letter to my soon to  be godson but he wont b opening it until he is eighteen help...I don't know what to say? Any ideas?
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Writing a time capsule letter is no different than writing a contemporary letter. What would you say to an 18-year-old youth today? Just write the same thing, right now. As you do so the words will come to you. If you are a more aural type of person and get hung up writing, try dictating into a recorder. You could also compose the letter as a kind of flashback, but also jump to the future theme. Speak to the future boy as if he were still the "long-ago" baby, telling him of all the good things you hope for him - and his parents, who selected you. Again, just get started and the words and ideas will come. You are finding it hard to get motivated. The first step in motivation is movement.
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My friend like a movie star I made a photo book with his pictures in it
I want to give it to her but inside the book I want to say something but don't no what to say

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