How Do You Write A Personal Letter For Someone Wanting Citizenship?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
If you want to provide a favour to somebody by writing a letter to recommend him for the citizenship of a country, you should be very genuine towards the person. Usually it happens that while doing a favour to somebody we start over-praising the person and instead of doing favour to the person, our act creates a problem for him.

So writing the fact in the letter is the only thing we can recommend you. You can also write about the qualities of the person that can serve that nation well and by giving the citizenship to that person, his nation is gaining a talented man who can be handy in his respective area of expertise.

So use the methods and help somebody whom you think deserve the citizen ship.
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Marlon Delchot answered
This letter will have to send to authorities you are unfamiliar with. And I think that they will aloow someone who does not cause trouble or put them in costs. So make sure you are a fine worker who knows his job well and add attach a proof of good behaviour to your letter.

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