How Do You Write A Formal Letter For Quitting School?


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When deciding to quit school, the reasons very much have to be up to you. Assuming you are past the age of compulsory education, you should be able to leave when you wish. It might be worth discussing your decision with the head teacher or principle at your school before making a final decision as sometimes they may be able to offer advice or even a different course or set of lectures and classes, which may be more appropriate for the kind of thing you want to do. You may also be able to sit out school for the remainder of the year and come back at the beginning at the next term if you feel a different course or a fresh start would benefit you.
In terms of writing a letter, there is no formal or official form which this should take. It is probably best to state all the reasons for you wishing to leave so that the head of the school can see exactly why you are not happy, this may enable them to make changes in future for other pupils even if it can't benefit yourself. There are a few basics to remember. Make sure you put the date at the top of the letter and make sure you include your full name and a signature. The Secretary of the school will need to be able to account for numbers at the end of the year so a signed document from you, however short, will provide them with proof you have actually left the school or college at your own will.

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