How Do You Write A Formal Letter Asking For Transferring Of Courses In The School?


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I want to transfer my daughter to an other school than she is in now,how I am going to write a letter?.
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I am not certain of the exact meaning of your question, but I think you are asking how to use a formal letter to transfer from one course to another within the same school. I will answer from this understanding first, and then answer in case you are asking about the transfer from one school to another school.

A Formal letter begins with your complete name, address and telephone number, at the top left side of page. Skip two spaces and write the complete name, (include title) Name of Department (Example: Office of Registrar), then the address including city and state of the person who is to receive your letter.

Place the date of the letter, two spaces below the name and address of the recipient of your letter. Drop down two spaces and type the date of your letter. Drop down two spaces and write Dear____,(recipient's name: Mr., Mrs, Ms(whichever, is appropriate.)

I am a student at ____(your school's name) studying _____ (course name), after much consideration, I seek your assistance in transferring from my present course to ____(name of course you want to study).

Your assistance is appreciated and I await further instructions from you.


Your Name

If, you want to transfer to a course in another school or transfer credits for a course from one school to another, you use the same type of format. Be brief, say exactly what you desire this person to do for you. Show appreciation, and willingness to accept the person directives to accomplish your desire, for a transfer from one course to another course, or to transfer credits of a course from one school to another school.
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Your address

Dear (name)
I would like to be transferred from the ... Course to the ... Course.  (Give reason, if one)
Yours sincerely
Your name

Note if you paid for the course then you are not likely to get any money back and will have to pay for the new course.
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                                                                                                      The      principle,
                                                                                                      (name of school),
                                                                                                      (name of place),

    with respect it is narrated that I am not satisfied with the teacher and class room enviroment
and I can not understand the sylabus completely studying in this class.(or write any other problem you are facing in this class)that's why it is requested to transfer my class.I shall be very thankful to you on this act of kindness.

                                                                                                          Yours obediently,
                                                                                                            X    Y          Z  ,
                                                                                                            roll number      .
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