How Do I Write A Letter Of Appeal For Transfer To Another School?


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If your transfer to another school has been rejected, you should write a letter of appeal immediately. The appeal will give you the opportunity both in writing and more than likely a chance with an appeal panel to argue your case for transfer. It is important to gain the full contact details of the appeal panel and, if applicable, a name of the designated person who will deal with your application.

If possible, word-process your letter as it will present you in a professional manner. Always include the date at the top of the letter and your full postal address and telephone number.

Firstly, remember to start the letter Dear _____ (and include either the panel chair's name or you could address it as Sir/Madam). The first paragraph should be an introduction to yourself and the reason for your appeal. It is important to keep your letter clear, concise and to the point.

The body of the letter should then go into detail as to why your request should be accepted into the new school. You should also attach as much evidence as possible to support your application such as any medical evidence, academic reports, sports reports, and letters from teachers etc.

The final paragraph in your letter should summarize everything that you have covered in the body of your letter. Repeat the most important points again and include your contact details. The final part of your letter should thank the reader for their time in reading your letter and for any consideration that he/she will be undertaking in your appeal process.

Finally always proof read your letter for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation. Remember, first impressions last!
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I don't know what kind of school do you want to transfer, but I think the most important thing is that you should write the reason why you want to transfer to the school which you want to.
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Sample letter to tc for school
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Please give me a sample on how to start on my application letter applying for the course at University of Zimbabwe
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85 coral way

Harbour view

Kingston 17

Ministry of education

Permanent secretary

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Christine Dixon Coke hereby request a transfer for my son Dontae Xavier Coke from Excelsior High School to St. Georges College.

St. Georges College is in close proximity to my place of work, which makes it easier and  more accessible for me to drop him off and pick him up.

It is also convenient for me to attend parent teacher meetings and other functions at school.

Christine Coke

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