How Do I Write A Letter Of Appeal For A Job Denied?


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Writing a letter for a job you were denied will be different depending on why you were denied the job. It is common for the job to be given to someone else as they were better qualified than you were, in that case there is little point writing a letter wondering why you were not given a job.
In other cases, it is possible to be denied a position as you have a criminal record. This may come about if the job involved a criminal record check and you have a criminal record. If this is the case, you can write a letter of appeal to see if this was the reason or whether it was something else.
Many jobs also do drugs tests, if you fail these there is also a possibility you will not get a job. Drugs tests are becoming increasingly common in job interview situations as employees want to know if the person they are employing has a drug issue. Even recreational drug use will be the cause of a failure of one of these tests.
To write a letter, make sure it is clear and polite. Question why you didn't get the job and what issues may have caused this. Don't be rude and make sure to address the person by the proper title as you never know if you will be called back if another position becomes available.
If you get a reply that is not a suitable or legal reason, it is possible to go to your solicitor to discuss a grievance procedure and see can you sort out some form of compensation.
There is no precise way of writing a letter, just remember to be respectful, clear and concise when writing the letter.
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Be polite, and straight to the point. Put your name, date and current position at the top. Then address to Dear Sir, or Madam. Your first paragraph should explain what happened. The next should describe facts, ie: Performance reviews, past projects, job well done situations. Omit opinions and only state facts. Do not use emotional words. Your last paragraph should state your desired outcome of the appeal. For example: "My desired outcome of this appeal, is that all of the above will be considered when deciding weather or not I am deserving of this new job opportunity. Make sure to close with, "Thank you for your time" or "Thank you for considering this appeal" then sign your name. Good Luck! I just did one of these today, so I'm hoping this helps you!
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You are here embarking up an impossible hill. Generally I suggest you just cry on a shoulder and move on.

If your denial letter indicated that you had excellent overriding skills for the job,,you came out with a few weaknesses which they are sure you can improve. Then why did they not give you the job? It must mean that they found someone who was Exactly the person they were looking why bother try to top that..can you?

Take this as another Challenge and if you believe in God The Father he will open another door..maybe this presents HIS opportunity for you to look in your mirror and give yourself confidence that you can be a better person. Change is never easy..I can tell from experience...but it gets simple when you rest all your cares on HIM...simple but true. FROM my experience 'sad tales' look dark when you are going though them, but bright and shiny when you look back and see what you have gained.

God gives us LIFE formulae like Hydrogen and Oxygen can combine to give water; Faith in God will improve your faith in yourself..You can do amazing things even when you do not believe that "at the time of mourning", at this stage of change you may even be the worst person to recognize that you have the skills to do thing that will give satisfaction and even change other persons lives significantly. There is a Biblical Story with a formulae for the "Mental State", it is about a 3rd. Child called Gideon (remember birthrights/leadership roles are usually reserved for the first Male Child... Some Psychologist today even erroneously present the view/as a fact that third children, by their sequence in age have a hard time socializing, in various fronts. Gideon could not believe that with a simple untrained army he could win the day..but the "little" ones brought down the walls of Jericho guarded by a Mighty Force..just because Gideon got courage and trusted in God. Your battle is to find something worthy for you to do for God so that with your growth he is glorified, and you will also please the people you come in contact with.
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Have you esterblished if you have the right of appeal on this accession?If you do, then be factual while addressing your basis for the appeal. Remain focused to the previous detail in your job application as well as their job specification. It is good practice to be concise to the attention of the reader. This means one page is enough to convey your message explicitly above all remember to be polite in your appeal process. Good luck.
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Thank you a lot for your informative post here! Right now I'm also looking for a job right now because I got fired from my previous one.... I feel so bad because of it but anyway I'm not gonna give up so fast for sure! I will try to do it again and again, and I have already posted my CV on various websites online, for example here on because I have heard that it's a reliable website. And what about you all here? Does someone here use such sources?

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I appeal to be shortlisted for the post of senior information scientist under ministry of energy.
The reason I was not shortlisted was that I have no experience of three years which I actually I have.

Thanks you very much for your time.

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I have not ever heard of a reconsideration letter.  Employers make their hiring decisions based on many factors, some of which may not be apparent to you.  What you should know is that your merits were weighed against the other applicants, and the employer chose someone else.  Move on to apply at another company that will value what you have to offer.

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