How To Write A Appeals Letter For Long Term Disability?


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Writing an appeals letter for long term disability is obviously very important for your financial future and so should be very carefully approached.

When you were denied for your long term disability you would have been sent a letter informing you that you were denied. In that letter it gave you a time frame that you had to appeal the disability and things that they wanted you to include in the letter. Generally this is just identifying information such as, your full name, your social security number, your ID with the insurance company and why you are appealing.

When you reach the section asking why you are appealing, be sure to explain your situation in detail. Explain how you came to be in your position in the first place, how the disability allowance will help you and what will happen to you if you don't get it.

You may well feel angry about being denied, however, you must leave anger out of the letter. Instead, convey only gratitude specifically for the person reading the letter. Tell them how much you appreciate them taking the time to read the letter and how much it means to you.

Read the letter they sent you about why specifically you were denied for long term disability. Was it because there wasn't enough evidence of your illness? Did the doctor tell you to get further testing which you never did? Is there something additional that maybe you could test for now that you didn't think of before? Whatever the reason for denial was, fix it. Do whatever they want you to do, even if it will cost you more money.

Have your doctor write a letter of recommendation for disability. If your doctor is reluctant to do so, get a new doctor or a second opinion. If you are too sick to work and your doctor is telling you that you're not, then you should consider a new doctor.
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Best bet based on info from SSDi dept is to hire an attorney if youve been turned down the first time and let them handle it and youll have a better chance of getting it but there is currently a 2-4 year waiting period so good luck

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