Where Can I Find A Sample Long Term Disability Appeal Letter?


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There are not many samples of long term disability appeal letters available to view online. There are some examples at the following link though:
If you need help in drafting an appeal letter, it may be worthwhile speaking to your health worker or carer to ask them for some advice. Your family members or friends may also be able to help you. Almost anyone can write an appeal letter as it can be made very simple by following a few simple steps:

•Make sure you are addressing the letter to the correct department to prevent any delays in the decision being reached.

•Include the following details: Your name, address, social security number, and your ID with the insurance company.

•In the tone of your letter make sure you do not come across as disrespectful or intimidating. You need to remain as professional and calm as possible in order to help your appeal.

•Outline the main reasons why you disagree with your long term disability being stopped. Perhaps you cannot work due to a specific illness or condition you are suffering from. It may even be an emotional or mental problem such as depression or bipolar disorder that is preventing you from working.

•Outline why you need to the extra help to get by in your daily life for instance, outline what bills you have to pay and if you have any dependants living with you.

•Supply any additional documentation from doctors or counsellors that will help support your arguments. Refer to these throughout the letter.

•End the letter stating something similar to the following sentence:

"I hope you can understand why I felt the need to write this letter in order to submit an appeal regarding the termination of my long term disability benefit. Thank you for taking the time to reconsider my position in this matter.”

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