How To Write An Appeal Letter For A Dismissed Staff That Want To Rectify The Problem?


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Before you can begin to write a letter..any letter for someone else you have to first know the story..the why?
1. Were you asked to write the letter because you have good/excellent communication skills so you could do a good job representing that person..because in this scenario you are like a lawyer

2. Do you know the person you are writing for, well enough, for eg. Has he or she had a history of good work ethic ie punctuality; the determination to do more than the best when performing tasks; was the reason for being fired a result of a natural human error; does the person have a philosophy to excel or works simply for the pay check or does he/she simply want to have a job because most people are loosing theirs. Does the person love the job they were fired from. Does he/she like working with the person who dismissed then..if you don't like your job or the person you work for it will definitely affect ones performance.. And could result in a second dismissal.

3. Is your writing style similar to the person you are doing the letter of appeal for because writing is like talking....

4. If the response to 3 is no then consider these..will the person receiving the letter be made aware that the appeal has been penned by someone else other than the individual who has been wronged..because throughout the process HONESTY must not be questioned
..if you want to help, and the letter of appeal must come from the "wronged" candidate..maybe what you should do is assist the appellant to construct the his/her own style...but guided by your competence..

Remember in life Love God (which in part means you must live a life he would be pleased with) and Love your neighbour as yourself..translating try to help someone but ensure than in helping this person you will not be destroying your own integrity.

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