How To Write An Appeal Letter To Edd?


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You can use the Employment Development Department Appeal Form, DE 1000M .  If you prefer to entirely hand write you appeal, you can do so, but you must include the following:

Your name;
The name of your business if you are the employer;
Address and telephone number;
Social Security number if you are a claimant;
Employer account number and the claimant's social security number if you are an employer;
The name and mailing address of any representative;
The reason for your appeal;
A copy of EDD's decision that you wish to appeal or the date of the decision;and
Any request for language assistance or special accommodation
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What happens if you forget to include a copy of EDD's decision. I did address all the decisions I wanted to dispute and included documentation to aid my case, but forgot that one stupid thing. Will they throw out my case?

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