Example On How To Write An Appeal Letter For Reinstatement To College For Academic Dismissal?


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Obviously a letter of this nature will vary considerably from person to person depending on circumstances. I'll offer tips and explain how you should go about writing a letter of appeal. Firstly, you need to think about what your grounds are for the appeal. In your case, can you think of reasons why you might have performed poorly academically? If there have been any family issues you should bring that up and use that explain why you were unable to perform to your academic ability. Obviously only give information that is relevant to the appeal, and go on to explain how it has affected you. If you can attach evidence for anything, be sure to send that. For example, if you have a medical condition, get a doctor's note and attach that. Don't be angry in your appeals letter; instead use a professional and formal style of writing. Be clear and concise.

On the letter its-self be sure to put your address and the date, so that the appeals team can get back to you. Start off your letter in the usual manner if you know who you are writing to, otherwise use "Dear Sir or Madam". Get straight to the point and outline your reason for writing the letter in the first sentence. For example "I am writing to appeal against my academic dismissal". Then move on the detail the evidence in your favour referring to the evidence you have attached (if any). Be sure to note any previous high scores in tests etc. At the end of your letter, write "Sincerely," followed by your name and signature.
Here are some examples of the style of appeals and complaint letters. Read them though to understand what you are aiming for. and
Good luck!
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Trust what you learned in college so far to write this explaining why you feel you should be re instated

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