How Do I Send A Letter To Someone In Jail?


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If a good friend or member of your family is currently serving a sentence in jail, or if you have decided to become a penpal to an inmate you have never met before, you will have to be aware of the rules and regulations that apply. Each detention centre will have different policies in place restricting the content of your letters.
Contact the prison that your friend, relative of penpal inmate is currently residing in to find out the rules that will apply to you. Be sure that you follow all of these restrictions otherwise your letter will not reach its destination. You may not be allowed to use any other colour ink except blue or black and you may not be able to write any paper other than plain white or lined. You will not be able to type your letters so you will have to hand write them.
Also be careful of the language that you use in your letter. It will be read by the appropriate authorities before the recipient is allowed to read it and they will censor your language if they feel it is necessary. Be sure not to say anything controversial, insulting or anything about the prison being horrid. Do not include any information about a case or charge against someone. Your letter will be thrown away if it includes any inappropriate or pornographic information. Also, do not include any articles or pictures such as ones about prison riots or a lack of prisoner rights because these will be deemed insubordinate.
When you are ready to send your letter, make sure that you include the prisoner’s classification number because even if you write everyday of the week, none of your letters will reach the prisoner without their classification number. Detention centres can have hundreds or thousands of prisoners and authorities do not usually know their last names.
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How can I send a letter to my boyfriend in marietta regional youth detention center without knowing his cell number but I have the address
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I don't know how to send a letter to a good friend of mine thats in a county jail for 6 months...all I know is his full name and birthdate...I don't know how to find out the information I need for him to recieve the do I go about doing this?
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The Jails are divided into sections according to accusation. You have to completely give them the section unit of the person. The letter might reach him but it will be difficult to find him without complete information. So try to get complete information about him by calling the Jail authorities.

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