How Do You Write An Informal Letter?


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Well writing informal letters is a bit more relaxed in comparison to formal letters. Try writing breezy manner rather than in a casual manner, try to be as brief, straightforward and logical as possible.

Always apply Standard English grammar, spelling and formatting tips, but loosen up your tone and structure slightly. Also try to apply contraction and conversational phrases to mitigate the letter. Always start of with the date, remember to add both your address as well as the recipients address along with a greeting.

Apply "Dear" in place of putting "To Whom It May Concern". Use a comma after the salutation, in place of a colon. Apply special statements to make the letter look more casual, end the letter "Best Wishes", "Cheers" or "Regards" in place of "Sincerely" or "Thank You".
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1 thing you do not have 2 put both of your addresses

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