How Do You Draw A Picture Of An Ocean And Mountain?


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Take all the equipments that you would require to create a nice ocean and mountain picture. First of all make the border on the sides of the paper leave at least 2cm from the edges of the paper. Now, just imagine what kind of view you want, keep the view in mind and decide which side will be the mountain and where will be the ocean.

With a light pencil draw rough sketch on the paper and evaluate weather it resembles the view. It is not necessary that the sketch should resemble the view, even if you find it is workable you can proceed with your work. If you feel that he sketch is not well enough than erase and start again.

After you have completed your rough sketch, make it fair and draw trees and other images that you want in your painting. Remember to keep your work clean. Now when you find that your drawing part is done, start painting. Be careful while painting, the paint should not blot or appear out of its place. Colour the water light blue and mountains brown, given them some effects to make it look mature. It will help if you take an image and pick some ideas from it.
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It's really hard to express your ideas in few words. Ideas need time to think and more time to explain. Well its answer is really very simple. Just imagine any beautiful scene which ALLAH ALMIGHTY has created for us and then draw what you get from it. Use your own imagination as well. Its really not a big deal, if you are creative enough. As for as I am concerned, I guess you can dram a bluish grey mountain on the back ground, then sketch flowing sea green sea with an ocean using different tones of grey colour for it. Now have one or two palm trees or you can say date palms in any of the side of the sheet.
Things to ponder:
Well do use a chanson sheet in off white colour.
Give tones of different colour step by step and mix them all so that no one can judge which colour you have used actually. It will appear different for various persons and will give variety to your sketch.
Smudge all the colours in the end.
As a final touch reuse some colours but in random motion.
That's it!
Hope you will consider this
take care

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