How Do I Create Mountains In Adobe Illustrator?


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To create a photo real scene in Adobe Illustrator the best thing you can do is to find a picture that you like, in this case a mountains landscape.
You have to work using layers:

1. Open the layers box
2. Import the image that you have chosen (go to File, Place...)
3. Place your image in the bottom layer
4. Double-click in the layer that you have placed your image
5. A box will appear, click in the 'dim images' and type 20%
6. In the layer box 'create a new a new layer'
7. Now the most important part is to create a new layer for every element in the image (e.g.: Sky, background mountains, trees)
and to trace every different element using the Bezier tools or the pencil/brush tool.
8. Add color to all the element you have drawn and with a bit of time and skill your drawing will be completed and will look photo-real.

A tip is to start drawing the elements in the background first and the details in the front later, as you do when doing an oil painting.

Hope it can help!
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Adobe illustrator is one of the blessings of the modern computer software technology where you can use it to edit images to your choice. Here is a link to a website that offers online tutorials for use of adobe illustrator.

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